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Sultana's Dream
April 2014



Islamic Art Gallery

The Islamic Art Gallery is one of five permanent galleries at the Islamic Museum of Australia. The Islamic Art Gallery is a dynamic space where artifacts, traditional and contemporary art are showcased in a juxtaposition of the past and present. 

Islamic art over the centuries reflected the cultural and social environment and embraced both the secular and religious elements of the civilization in which they lived. Today, many Muslim artists explore the issues of identity, politics, social awareness and cultural development and tell their stories through various art mediums. Beyond the scope of what traditionally encompassed Islamic art, mediums such as multimedia, video, photography and a fusion of Western style techniques are now commonplace.

Visitors can expect to see an exquisite 14th century Tirimud blue ceramic lamp exhibited alongside the short listed Archibald Prize portrait of a famous Australian Muslim, internationally exhibited fine art surfboards, calligraphy, poetry and short films. This unique exploration of art and identity has been sensitively curated to reflect and celebrate the Australian Muslim identity. 

IMA Art Gallery. Artworks in view: Inshalla surfboards courtesy Phillip George, Transnational Advocacy Space and Place: Roles of Capitalism courtesy Mohamed Abumeis, Big Jihad courtesy Abdul Rahman Abdullah, Irfanspace (photography) courtesy Natalia Gould and Mark Pedersen.

Mush courtesy Khaled Sabsabi and Milani Gallery. 

Mush is an internationally exhibited multichannel video art installation by Blake prize-winning Sydney based artist Khaled Sabsabi. Mush relays the interconnectedness of daily life through a large scale immersive video experience. The genius of Mush lies in the complex layering of the everyday lives of people in Australia, Lebanon, North Africa, Turkey and Syria shared through a unique interactive experience that is both aesthetically beautiful and intellectually engaging. Projected onto a large purpose built ‘floating’ cube the viewer uniquely experiences the integral nature of people, both seemingly familiar and unfamiliar. See Mush at the IMA until June 1st.

Nur Shkembi
Art Director