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May 2013


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A Resilient Life  

"The true character of an individual is revealed when on a journey."

Indeed it is in A Resilient Life, a written account of Mariam's life journey, that the reader learns about her character; a remarkable and unstoppable spirit. Perhaps it is no surprise then that Mariam is only one of a number of amazing women in this story, with Ayeeyo and Hooyo, her mother and grandmother, as the standout matriarchs. 

Through Mariam's poignant retelling of important life events one learns how the women impart a sense of Somali tradition and duty, sometimes to the dismay of the next female generation.
From the port cities of Somalia and Kenya, to the Arab states, and finally to Melbourne's bayside Brighton, Mariam brings you a story of survival, resilience and eventually success. ‘Go Mariam!’ you'll be loudly cheering by the last page. 

In a world where we hear the words 'multiculturalism', 'refugee camps', 'female circumcision' (or FGM) and 'integration', what a relief it is to read an actual account of all these things. And an articulate one at that. Mariam Issa's A Resilient Life is a refreshing, at times painful insight into one migrant Australian woman's experience. 

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Dakhylina Madkhul