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August 2012

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The Mouse that Roared

Mr Tony Abbott recently took to lecturing Chinese leaders on their own home turf on the need to democratise. One might agree with his sentiments, but did he really imagine that the leaders of 1.2 billion Chinese would welcome a lecture from an opposition leader of a country of 21 million souls that depends on the Chinese export market.

German Engineering

Kilos of stolen screws and nuts were found stored in the home of a thief in Germany who delighted in dismantling road signs, but was finally nabbed by baffled police. One imagines it was done in the name of commercial gain rather than a manic dislike of road signs. 

Helping Smokers QUIT the Habit

Tori, the sad orang-utan inmate of a zoo in Java, has been banished to a remote island in the middle of a lake. Why you might well ask? Well, it seems that after ten years of smoking cigarette butts thrown into her cage, our friend was well and truly hooked.

Zoo ‘experts’ are hoping that trees and rope swings will distract Tori who is expected to go cold turkey in an effort to break her addiction. As a former nicotine addict who went down the same path, I wish her well in an empathy born of experience.  

Editor: Original news items sourced from The Week [27 July 2012] have been 'tinkered' with by the editor.

Open Your Own Bazaar

The Editor invites readers to submit their own Bazaar/Bizarre Moments for publication. 

Preferred word length is 100-200. Your anecdotes of the BIZARRE could come from real life or something you might have read elsewhere. If you are cut and pasting from material that is not your own, however, a gentle reminder that YOU MUST CITE YOUR SOURCE or else you fall into the fiery pit of PLAGIARISM.

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