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April 2012


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SBS Insight Program - Arranged and Forced Marriages - Observations

The program on Arranged Marriages (in all its various guises) went to air Tues. 13 March. 

‘Less Sensational’

I thought the Insight program on arranged and forced marriage was less sensational and better balanced than similar Insight programs on controversial topics last year.

It presented views from those who supported arranged marriage and those who felt it was not for them. Participants came from Muslim and non-Muslim communities and there was no sense of the usual tabloid tactic of blaming Muslims for all the problems which might arise out of the subject matter.

Jamila Hussain, Australian Muslim Women’s Association, Sydney

‘Not One and the Same Thing’

There is a general misconception that arranged and forced marriages are one and the same thing. It was therefore refreshing to see that Insight was willing to explore the clear differences between the two, and provide a platform for people from a diversity of faiths and backgrounds to share their positive experiences of arranged marriages, as well as highlight the unacceptable situation of women and men being forced into marriage.  

Randa Abdel - Fattah, author, lawyer, human rights activist