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April 2012


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A Separation
Oscar-Winning Best Foreign Language Film 2012

Humane, complex and engaging, this Oscar - winning movie provides a moving insight into the lives of a family affected by the dissolution of marriage. Set in contemporary Iran, the movie poignantly captures the relationships between father and son, husband and wife, and parent and child.  

The movie opens with a scene where Simin and husband Nader sit before a judge to file Siminís request for divorce. The basis for divorce is Naderís refusal to move overseas in hope of a brighter future for their young daughter, Termih, and leave his Alzheimer - stricken father behind.  

Iranian director, Asghar Farhadi, has captured a depth to each of the characters in the movie. Viewers are drawn in by developing a deeper understanding of each of the characters as the movie progresses. There are no villains, simply people who must each make difficult decisions in an environment heavily influenced by religion, culture and financial hardship.  

The movie cleverly explores the paradoxical effects of family relationships, which can be amongst the most rewarding as well as the most devastating. Well worth the prestigious Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, A Separation is thought provoking and refreshingly humane. Highly recommended for all.  






Durkhanai Ayubi  
TV/DVD Reviewer