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April 2012


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UWA Publishers 2011
978 174 258 2580 (pbk)

Sarah Drummond - Overland:
" ...Deen’s humour and feistiness prevails throughout this book...She deftly spins narrative nonfiction into a ripping yarn of the outback, the courts and the openly racist application of immigration dictation tests...Hanifa Deen is also unafraid to throw in a chuckle, a pointedly personal take on an ambiguous piece of historiography with a raised textual eyebrow: ‘Not bloody likely!’...."

Gillian Bramley-Moore - The Courier Mail:
" ...Deen's lively chronicles about Mahomet Allum, a herbalist who was irresistible to women, bush battler Ali Abdul and Sam the pearl diver, who led a special SAS team in World War II and yet was thwarted in his efforts to be naturalised, are confronting. Yet Deen avoids preaching, telling with humour all sides of the story...."

Jose Borghino - The Australian
" ....To her credit, Deen balances such stories of institutionalised racism and cruelty with examples of ordinary (white) Australians deviating from the twisted "normality" around them and treating Muslims with humanity and generosity of spirit. The White Australia Policy was eventually dismantled...."