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September 2011

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‘Shaykh, Rattle and Roll!’

Iranian cleric, Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi was quoted by Iranian media as saying,  "Many women who do not dress modestly lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which increases earthquakes."

(Associated Press, April 19, 2010)

Delicate English Rose

Nigella Lawson, ‘icon of English femininity’ swam at Bondi beach, Sydney, earlier this year dressed in a burqini, the kind sold by a Muslim sportswear website.

Unlike most celebrities not a word of explanation was uttered. This happened a week after the French burqa ban. Fortunately common sense seems to have won out this time and there have been no suggestions (tongue-in-cheek, or otherwise) that the English celebrity-chef has converted to Islam. It seems more likely that Ms Lawson was protecting her delicate skin from the depredations caused by the Pacific Ocean.




Nur Shkembi

What would Eid be like without a Mullah Nasrudin joke?

Mullah Nasrudin's family was upset because the girl he was planning to marry was an atheist.

"We won’t let you marry an atheist," his mother said.

"What can I do? I love her," the young Nasrudin replied.

"Well," said his mother, "if she loves you, she’ll do anything you ask. You should talk religion to her. If you are persistent, you can win her over."  

Several weeks went by, then one morning at breakfast the young mullah appeared absolutely broken-hearted.  

"What's wrong?" his mother asked. "I thought you were making such good progress in talking about religion with your young girlfriend."

"That’s the trouble," said Nasrudin. ‘I overdid it. Last night she told me she was so convinced that she wants to become a nun!’

Editor’s Comment: A Caveat: The authenticity of this Nasrudin joke cannot be vouched for…


Mobile Marathon

A female passenger on a train from California to Oregon was arrested for disorderly conduct after speaking for 16 hours on her mobile phone in a designated quiet carriage. The woman refused to stop talking even after staff asked her to stop using her mobile. When asked to be quiet, the passenger became upset and police were called in. 

Virgin Takeover

Australian researchers at Flinders University, South Australia have discovered documents indicating that the British Government, in the late 1970s, carried out more than 80 virginity tests on women seeking ‘marriage visas’ in order to enter the UK.  Until now everyone believed that only two such tests had been carried out at Heathrow Airport. Not so, say Marinella Marmer and Evan Smith, the two legal researchers. Tests were carried out in New Delhi and Bombay at British Embassies between 1976-1979. The aim was to weed out bogus claims.  

‘These practices occurred 30 years ago and were clearly wrong,’ said a British official.

Reported in the ‘Huffpost World’